[Dovecot] Create New Plugin

Alex Baule alexwbaule at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 02:23:39 EET 2010

Ok...There is a good example to do explicit, it's better because can be
compiled separately from dovecot.

Tks !!

There is a date to the Dovecot 2.0 out as a official release ?

I use the 2.0 version to make a my plugin.....

2010/2/3 Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>

> On 3.2.2010, at 14.41, Alex Baule wrote:
> > i have a Little question....
> >
> > I dont know to much the autoconf/automake...there is a command or
> something
> > to do, to include my plugin in the Makefile for dovecot compile them when
> i
> > compile the hole package ??
> >
> > or i shoud go to the configure and makefile.am and put by hand ?
> >
> > I put my plugin in the plugins directory source tree.
> Well .. You could put them by hand and run autogen.sh and configure again.
> Or you could do the same as how other external plugins do it, with an
> explicit gcc line just giving all the necessary include paths etc. For
> example see: http://dovecot.org/patches/1.2/penalty.c

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