[Dovecot] Understanding migrateuser.sh

Stewart Dean sdean at bard.edu
Tue Feb 9 18:02:06 EET 2010

I'm sure it comes from my being a gormless idiot, but whatever is the 
-UKWS argument immediately after the mb2md.pl invocation?
> $MB2MD -UKWS -s "$INBOX" -d "$WORKING"
As always, reading the idiom of someone else's scripting is an 
education.  And some of it wouldn't work with native AIX sh/ksh, so 
changed the functions:
> folders_hash() {
>   local HASH=`find $FOLDERS -type f |sort|(IFS=\
> ;while read file; do ls -l "\$file"; done)`
>   eval "$1=\"$HASH\""
> }
> folders_hash() {
>   local IFS=\
>   local HASH=`find $FOLDERS -type f | sort | \
>   while read file
>   do
>     ls -l "\$file"
>   done`
>   # the escapes are so that $1 gets "$HASH" NOT $HASH
>   # So the resolution is deferred...
>   eval "$1=\"$HASH\""
> }
I would have wished for a few more comments within the script. 
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