[Dovecot] Understanding migrateuser.sh

Stewart Dean sdean at bard.edu
Tue Feb 9 21:29:32 EET 2010

Thanks to Julian, I now understand that the mb2md exec downloadable from 
the wiki Migration/Mail Format page is NOT the same as the vanilla one 
(even though it has the same name) and it has these extra flags.  For 
some reason I can download and unpack it just fine on my PC with WinZip 
but on AIX the tar barfs after the gunzip....

Thanks Julian!

Stewart Dean wrote:
> I'm sure it comes from my being a gormless idiot, but whatever is the 
> -UKWS argument immediately after the mb2md.pl invocation?
>> $MB2MD -UKWS -s "$INBOX" -d "$WORKING"

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