[Dovecot] wish now I'd not upgraded...

Leonardo Rodrigues leolistas at solutti.com.br
Mon Feb 15 16:22:38 EET 2010

Em 15/02/2010 12:14, Stan Hoeppner escreveu:
> WTF is going on?  Why won't they stay marked as read?  I've got over 25,000
> emails in these folders and I get a few hundred list mails a day.  I really need
> to get this read/unread business straightened out.
> What the heck am I missing?  Is this a  bug in the Debian backport?  Good thing
> I have no hair or I'd have pulled half of it out by now...

     before blaming dovecot, you could have checked the mailing list 
archives and found that's a KNOWN bug on Thunderbird 3 (until 3.0.1) 
which was already fixed and will be published on TB 3.0.2.

     if you had searched the archives, you could also have find a 
workaround for that on thunderbird side.

     there's also a workaround on the dovecot side .... but i'll let you 
learn how to search the archives and find that :)


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