[Dovecot] wish now I'd not upgraded...

ronald at rmacd.com ronald at rmacd.com
Mon Feb 15 16:26:24 EET 2010


Quoting Stan Hoeppner <stan at hardwarefreak.com>:
> Upgraded from Debian Dovecot 1.0.15 to Debian Dovecot 1.2.10-1~bpo50+1.
> I use Postfix local delivery to and Dovecot mbox.  As per upgrade  
> directions, I
> stopped dovecot processes and deleted all dovecot.index.cache files in
> /home/%user/mail/.imap.  Performed upgrade to 1.2.10-1~bpo50+1.  Modified new
> dovecot.conf for my environment.  Started dovecot.
> Problem:  Instantly noticed in TB 3.0.1 Win32 that all emails in all folders
> were marked as unread.  Stopped TB, stopped dovecot, deleted *all* files in
> /home/%user/mail/imap/ so indexes and caches could be rebuilt from scratch.
> Started dovecot, started TB.  Same problem.

Have a look at  
http://old.nabble.com/Re%3A-Messages-marked-as-unread---Dovecot-1.2.10---Thunderbird- - a quick Google search would point me towards the conclusion that it might be worth you having a look at your version of TB and (apparent) problems re read/unread  


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