[Dovecot] quota problem

Leonardo Rodrigues leolistas at solutti.com.br
Tue Feb 16 14:02:24 EET 2010

Em 16/02/2010 09:18, Andre Hübner escreveu:
> dovecot 1.0.15
> Hello,
> i try to set quota settings for my users.
> currentyl i use a mysql table for auth process and now i want to add 
> quotasettings for each individual user.

     Mine is working flawlesslly with the following configuration .... 
but i think that's only 1.1+ compatible, because of the Trash thing.

     Anyway, seems the big difference from my conf to your is that 
you're using

concat('dirsize:storage=', quota_kb)
while i'm using
concat('*:storage=', quota)

     try to change that 'dirsize' to '*' and see what happens ...

my actual working conf for dovecot 1.2.10

# Get the mailbox
user_query = select '/var/spool/mail/%u' as home, 
'maildir:/var/spool/mail/%u' as mail, 8 as uid, 12 as gid, 
concat('*:storage=', quota) as quota_rule, 'Trash:storage=100M' as 
quota_rule2 from emails where endereco = '%u' and ativa = '1'

# Get the password
password_query = select endereco as user, password, '/var/spool/mail/%u' 
as userdb_home, 'maildir:/var/spool/mail/%u' as userdb_mail, 8 as 
userdb_uid, 12 as userdb_gid, concat('*:storage=', quota) as 
userdb_quota_rule, 'Trash:storage=100M' as userdb_quota_rule2 from 
emails where endereco = '%u' and ativa = '1'


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