[Dovecot] Virtual POP3 Inbox question

Josephus josephus at josephus.hu
Sat Feb 20 22:31:28 EET 2010


Thanks for clearing things up. I have finally figured it out (I hope)
> INBOX is a special mailbox. Setting inbox=yes changes nothing except
> where INBOX's location is looked up from. No other mailboxes are
> affected. Listing/opening RealMails/INBOX might or might not work,
> depending on configuration. But that shouldn't be an issue, since INBOX
> is accessed directly as INBOX.

Well in order to list secret/INBOX I had to specify the INBOX location 
manually and use the dot separator scheme in a "/" separator setup.

mail_location = maildir:/mail/%d/%u/:INBOX=/mail/%d/%u/.INBOX

# Default
namespace private {
     separator = /
     prefix =

# Virtual
namespace private {
     prefix = virtual/
     separator = /
     location = virtual:/mail/virtual:INDEX=/mail/%d/%u/virtual


# Hidden
namespace private {
     prefix = secret/
     separator = /
     list = no
     hidden = yes

My folder layout:

# Userdb is fetched with the password check as userdb_ extra variables
password_query = SELECT password, allow_nets, \
                 maildir as userdb_maildir, uid as userdb_uid, \
                 gid as userdb_gid, \
                 CASE '%s' WHEN 'pop3' THEN NULL ELSE 'yes' END AS 
userdb_namespace_1_inbox, \
                 CASE '%s' WHEN 'pop3' THEN 'yes' ELSE NULL END AS 
userdb_namespace_2_inbox \
                 FROM users WHERE username = '%u'

# Only used when no password is checked for users
# eg. deliver
user_query = SELECT maildir as home, maildir, uid, gid, \
                 CASE '%s' WHEN 'pop3' THEN NULL ELSE 'yes' END AS 
namespace_1_inbox, \
                 CASE '%s' WHEN 'pop3' THEN 'yes' ELSE NULL END AS 
namespace_2_inbox  \
                 FROM users WHERE username = '%u'

I'm using prefetch userdb so I had to put the namespace selection into 
the user_query as well.


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