[Dovecot] OT: best linux imap client for dovecot

Patrick Nagel patrick.nagel at star-group.net
Mon Feb 22 10:39:30 EET 2010

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Hi Lev,

On 2010-02-22 16:04, Lev Serebryakov wrote:
>> This is not a my-email-client-is-better-than-your-email-client thread,
>> I just want to know which client(s) make proper use of imap features
>> for fast searches/copies/deletions etc.
>  IMHO, all existing clients suck, but not only due to IMAP4 [mis]using, but
> because  UI  is  terrible.

I like KMail's UI a lot, but its IMAP support is terrible. Hoping that
will change with KMail 2.

> For  example, I don't lnow any client with
> proper,  accurate  text-only  quoting  (with '> ' marks). Some clients
> forget  to  spilt  long  lines, some don't add '> ' when I split quote
> line  by  hands,  some  don't  remove '> ' automagically when lines in
> quote  are  merged  (by  deleting  CR/NL on previous line), and things
> become  even  mnore  horrible  whrn  here are many quotes of different
> level. I'm not mention clients, which have top-quoting-only setting or
> doesn't  have  templates for  editor  (no, a signature file IS NOT A

I don't know so much about quoting, I think TB gets it right, doesn't
it? Also, on non-line-broken mails, you can press CTRL-R (Rewrap) and
the mail gets proper line breaks. KMail admittedly has some weirdnesses
there, at least in recent versions.

>     Threading,  working  with  mailing  lists  (with  all these List-XXX
> headers  which  are  standard  now), using diffferent "From" names and
> e-mails   for  different  folders  (and,  yes,  different  templates),
> differnet templates for different replies, good filters (Thunderbird's
> filters  creation  UI is bad, IMHO), flexible but esy-to-setup-default
> purging  rules,  etc,  etc,  etc  -- all these features are missing or
> implemented  horribly wrong in most clients (I don't claim, that every
> client has every feature from this list implemented wrong, but most of
> clients has 1/2 or more of this list absent or unusable).

I think KMail gets all of them right, although I don't use the filter
UI, since I filter with sieve rules on the server.


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