[Dovecot] dsync duplicates messages/crashed if a 'large' number of messages has been deleted

Matthias Rieber ml-dovecot at zu-con.org
Sat Jul 10 16:46:54 EEST 2010


On 10.07.2010 15:39, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On 10.7.2010, at 13.06, Matthias Rieber wrote:
>> dsync -v -f -u login mirror ssh -o IdentityFile=/etc/dovecot/dsync.d/id_rsa root at shrike dsync -u login
>> This usually works, but if I delete a certain number of emails, I get this messages:
>> dsync-local(mailverwalter): Info: Posteingang: Ignored 178 modseq changes
>> dsync-local(mailverwalter): Info: Posteingang: Couldn't keep all uids
>> dsync-local(mailverwalter): Warning: Mailbox changes caused a desync. You may want to run dsync again.
> Did only one of the sides have changes or did both?
just one side. It doesn't crash always. If it doesn't crash, all 
messages in that folder will be duplicated.


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