[Dovecot] Master Users

Andrés Yacopino ayacopino at acasalud.com.ar
Tue Jul 13 16:35:19 EEST 2010

I have an ldap configuration but i have done the same as you.
In dovecot.conf:

  passdb passwd-file {
    args = /usr/local/etc/passwd.masterusers
    master= yes

I have used this to generate passwd.masterusers file:

htpasswd -b -c -s /usr/local/etc/passwd.masterusers user password

The passwd.masterusers :


Then i authenticate using:

password of the administration.


Andrés Fernando Yacopino

Infraestructura - Dpto Sistemas


Cooperativa de Prestaciones Médico Asistenciales Limitada

Tel: 0341-4208755

ayacopino at acasalud.com.ar

El 13/07/10 09:48, Ben Watts escribió:
> Greetings,
> My company is currently using dovecot with ldap, I am in the process of 
> migrating this over to Exchange. However, to make the process a lot 
> smoother I need to make use of the master user function of dovecot to 
> enable access to other users mailboxes without needing their password. 
> I've gone through the documentation but it looks like this might not be 
> possible with an ldap backend.
> The wiki isnt exactly crystal clear on where the master user config 
> needs to go. I've generated a passdb file with an admin user and password.
> Any information that would go to help would be very welcome.
> Cheers

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