[Dovecot] help on migrating some old Maildirs

Leonardo Rodrigues leolistas at solutti.com.br
Wed Jul 14 22:31:16 EEST 2010


     i need to restore some old mail backups from a system i wasnt the 
admin. Emails are on Maildir, which i'm using on the actual server, so 
should be no big deal. I'm just thinking of copying files from the 
folders i need, from the old backup, to the specific dirs on the actual 

     buuuut, watching the backup, i noticed that LOTS of files on the 
Maildirs do not have the S= parameters on its name nor W=. For example:


     files from the actual system looks like:


     i've already tested copying those files to a current Maildir and it 
works just fine, no problem at all on that. There's no problem on the 
restore of those messages itself.

     Anyway, my questions are ....

1) do the lack of S= and W= parameters will negatively impact on 
something ? Quota calculation comes to my head about that .... as i'll 
have to restore several thousands of messages, i'm worried about 
negative impacts on anything

2) is there any way of having dovecot to calculating the S= and W= 
parameters and renaming those files and, thus, avoiding some negative 
impact caused by the lack of them ?

     i'm using dovecot 1.2.11 ......

     thanks !


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