[Dovecot] Dinamic 'mail_location' for each user

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Wed Jul 21 13:35:53 EEST 2010

  On 15/07/2010 21:12, Thiago Henrique wrote:
> Em Qui, 2010-07-15 às 20:45 +0100, Timo Sirainen escreveu:
>> You mean your userdb is returning a "mail" field that contains those %
>> variables? No, that won't work.
> It is important for me to spread the mailboxes inside the partition. Use
> the 'H' modifier for it would be perfect. A patch for this would be
> accepted?

Remember SQL is quite a powerful "language" and your query simply has to 
return the fields, nobody says that it only needs do a simple SELECT 
with no functions... If you can use SQL to replace() your magic 
characters (which don't need to be %H of course) then you can do this 
bit yourself?

Things like this can be useful in your migration perhaps?  Remember in 
any case that you don't need to move all users at once, eg when 
migrating between servers you can disable logins for a user, move the 
directory, update the DB, re-enable logins on a one by one basis?

Good luck

Ed W

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