[Dovecot] Dinamic 'mail_location' for each user

Thiago Henrique thiagoh at digirati.com.br
Tue Jul 20 17:46:47 EEST 2010


I understand your argument, although it's not good for me :)

> But you can do that yourself when storing the path to database. Build a
> script that hashes the username path in a way you want, and store that.

I wouldn't like to do this. I have a lot of users and I can't
to migrate everything at once. So I can't to make big changes in my code.

> I'm still not sure if you mean what I thought you mean. If you mean that
> % variables would be expanded when they're coming out of userdb then no,
> it would not be accepted. It would break people's setup who actually
> have % characters in paths.

You understand correctly, sorry for my poor English.
Anyway, we know that things changes in new versions. Otherwise, would never be
released new variables. I understand your point, but ask you think about       
it, so it can be useful for many people.

Thiago Henrique
Network Administration
Digirati Networks
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