[Dovecot] Cyrus Virtual Domains: Domain migration from Cyrus

Denny Schierz linuxmail at 4lin.net
Tue Jul 27 11:12:54 EEST 2010


we want to migrate from Cyrus 2.x to Dovecot 1.x (!). We use the virtual
domain feature from Cyrus for a better disk partitioning:

/var/imap/domain.a/user/foo ..
/var/imap/domain.b/user/foo ..
/var/imap/domain.c/user/foo ..

In a exported skiplist DB, it shows like:


domain.a!user.foobar 0 int foobar at domain.a lrswipcda postmaster at domain.a
domain.a!user.han 0 int han at domain.a lrswipcda
domain.b!user.solo 0 int solo at domain.b lrswipcda
domain.b!user.yoda 0 int yoda at domain.b lrswipcda
domain.c!user.luke 0 int luke at domain.c lrswipcda postmaster at domain.c

That allows us, to separate the domains from each other on the
filesystem. The cyrus imapd.conf config:

defaultpartition: domaina

partition-domaina /var/spool/imap/domaina
partition-domainb /var/spool/imap/domainb
partition-domainc /var/spool/imap/domainc

What is the best way, to use this layout under Dovecot?

cu denny

ps. Cyrus gets this mails via LMTP over TCP from sendmail and Dovecot
1.x dont' have this service and I use postfix for smtp->
smtp-local-lmtp-> Dovecot.

Denny Schierz <linuxmail at 4lin.net>

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