[Dovecot] Convert plugin

Egbert egbert at vandenbussche.nl
Fri Jul 30 13:36:43 EEST 2010

Op 30-7-2010 0:07, Daniel Luttermann schreef:
> Egbert wrote on 29.07.2010:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to convert users from a sendmail server to a postfix/dovecot
>> server. All works fine but one of the last things is to rescue the
>> messages in /var/mail/<user>  on the old server. This seems very
>> straitforward using the convert plugin but with the settings from the
>> wiki, nothing happens when the user logs in. Do I need a private
>> namespace for this as suggested elsewhere in the wiki?
> No hint in the logfile? Maybe a permission problem or Dovecot can't
> find any emails? If nothing is logged maybe it helps when you set
> "mail_debug=yes" in dovecot.conf?
> Btw: it seems that in the upcoming Dovecot 2.0 version there's no
> convert plugin available anymore - with 2.0 you can use "dsync" to
> convert emails between different mailbox formats.
> --
> Daniel

Yeah, the obvious place to look. There I found out that the plugin looks 
for a direcory in /var/mail/ called <user> and in that directory a 
mailfile called 'inbox' is expected.
So I have now the convert in imap and pop3 chapters of dovecot.conf and 
enabled the plugin in the plugin section:

protocol imap {
   mail_plugins = convert
protocol pop3 {
   mail_plugins = convert
plugin {
   convert_mail = mbox:/var/mail/%u

So things finally start to work. Only the rename of the /var/mail/<user> 
directory doesn't work yet. Wrong owner. I made /var/mail owned by 
vmail:vmail but that is not good. Maybe it should be owned by dovecot. 
Who is the owner of the convert process?


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