[Dovecot] nfs director

Cor Bosman cor at xs4all.nl
Wed Sep 1 22:07:20 EEST 2010


> Postfix has this issue as well. So does qmail. So does exim. It has nothing
> to do with the software being used. It is a problem in the NFS protocol.

Just to be clear. Of course these programs wont have this issue when used
with dovecot-imap, because obviously they wont be updating any dovecot
index files. You can tell dovecot-lda to not update index files, and you'd
have exactly the same behavior. Combine that with not allowing multiple
logins, and indeed, you wont ever need the director.

What I meant was, if qmail, or exim, or postfix, would use some kind of
indexing like dovecot, and would allow that over NFS, they'd have the same
underlying issue to deal with. It's actually quite amazing and cool that
Timo has addressed this problem for those that are using dovecot-lda
with indexing over NFS, and/or dovecot-imap with multiple logins by the
same user over NFS.


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