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Carsten Laun-De Lellis carsten.delellis at delellis.net
Wed Apr 13 00:35:08 EEST 2011

Hi all


I hope to get some help on the separator. I am sure that I hava a wrong
understanding what the separator is.


I thaught the separator is the delimiter within the imap folder structure.


For example:


Imap folder structure: folder Flights, subfolder Lufthansa

If the delimiter is “.” the ls –a command should result:

.Flights                 .Flights.Lufthansa

If delimiter is  “/”

Flights                  Flights/Lufthansa


I tried several delimiters but only the “.” Works.


My dovecot.conf file:

mail_location = maildir:/vmail/%d/%n


namespace {

        type = private

        separator = /

        location = maildir:/vmail/%d/%n

        inbox = yes

        subscriptions = yes



I would appreciate any help


Mit freundlichem Gruß


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