[Dovecot] Solaris 10 Compilation Issue with 2.0.12 (actually post 12690) [WORKAROUND PROVIDED]

Peter Bray peter_darren_bray at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 13 04:33:24 EEST 2011


Post 12689:7f5735ab7c35 / 12690:02829f7f79c7 dovecot uses the reentrant version of get(password/group)* related functions. There are two variants of these functions on Solaris. To get the variant used by dovecot code based you need to define _POSIX_PTHREAD_SEMANTICS (see attached manual page).

Initially I defined this just for the compilation of lib/src/ipwd.c, and got the code to compile / check / run successfully in my environment. 

After this worked I decided to try compiling the whole code base with 


This also seems to work fine. My environment uses IMAPS (X86) and Proxying IMAPS (SPARC). All code compiles / checks / runs (only 64-bit versions run tested) with the above CPPFLAGS modification on Oracle Solaris 10 Update 9 (both 32/64 bit on both X86 / SPARC with GCC 4.1.2) systems.


Peter Bray
Sydney, Australia

PS: I have not investigated an appropriate way to modified configure.in to make this addition automatic.
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