[Dovecot] calling dovecot exported auth from Java

WJCarpenter bill-dovecot at carpenter.org
Sat Apr 16 21:17:25 EEST 2011

On 4/15/2011 5:36 PM, WJCarpenter wrote:
> I want to call dovecot's exported authentication from a Java 
> application.  Java doesn't natively know how to talk to a Unix domain 
> socket, so there are inconveniences.  There are 3rd party JNI 
> libraries to allow Java to do it, but I'm not too wild about the idea 
> of using JNI.  My current thinking is to rig up some kind of 
> proxy/shuttle arrangement between a localhost TCP port and the dovecot 
> auth Unix domain socket in the filesystem.  I'm looking at using the 
> more or less standard tool "socat" to do that.  ('m on a mainstream 
> Linux distribution.)

BTW, one workaround I thought of this situation was to connect to the 
POP3 port and do a normal POP3 login there.  That would be pretty easy, 
but it doesn't happen to work out for me.  My SQL-based login config 
factors in the service name provided by dovecot, and some of the Java 
app users might not be authorized for POP3 and/or IMAP4.  If I could 
figure out a way to run a second POP3 daemon with a different service 
name, that would probably work for me (but I don't see a way to do it 
... at least with dovecot 1.1.11 ... some some later dovecot version 
allow that?)

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