[Dovecot] dovecot.org broken

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Apr 26 19:35:02 EEST 2011

The new server should be in its final resting place tomorrow and
hopefully after that everything will work again correctly. I know there
are some problems with missing DNS names at least, but other than that I
think it's working.

I created yesterday scripts that can now build dovecot.org from scratch
in about 15 minutes (using backups of course). The new dovecot.org
server was built using those scripts. So if in future there are ever
trouble with a server dying, I should be able to recreate it easily.

I was also planning on adding some mirroring by adding 2+ A records to
some names:

 * hg.dovecot.org can be mirrored either with hg itself pushing changes
or calling rsync

 * www.dovecot.org can be mirrored with periodic rsync. The most
frequent changes are mailing list archives and nightly tarballs.

 * wiki*.dovecot.org could also be rsynced and set read-only. A patched
MoinMoin could show "Edit" links as pointing to master.wiki*.dovecot.org
where editing is allowed.

That's basically everything, except for the mailing list, but that
probably can't be easily helped.

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