[Dovecot] Re-downloading mails after migrate server

Pete Conkin pete at reach.net
Thu Apr 28 15:41:52 EEST 2011

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From: "Esther Yébenes --Conzentra--" <esther.yebenes at conzentra.com>
> I know that lots of servers are migrated every day, and never heard
> about those problems, so I suppose it must be a solution for this, or
> maybe a better way to configure the servers.
  Happen to us as well.  Seemed to be specific to certain email clients 
though.  Thunderbird and Eudora did not download all the emails, Outlook 

  It appeared to also occur with users that POP3 using multiple clients 
(Outlook and smart phone for instance) as well as those that had Outlook set 
to "Leave a copy on server for x days".


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