[Dovecot] Outlook 2010 very slow when using IMAP - are there any tweaks?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Tue Jul 3 08:54:56 EEST 2012

> Outlook is the client of Exchange , it can do smtp,imap,pop3 too
> its sold as a solution, with os , server, auth system ,client , support
> people etc

and that solution - as a common example - doesn't work.

> There is no reason for M$ to make Qutlook fit in a perfect
> imap client cause this would goal in less reason for exchange

as well as it's own product.

But it is by design, as more money can ge acquired by constantly servicing 
non working product.

> Nevertheless if you have good admins and money to buy licences
> and good support, outlook and exchange are good company solutions for
> intranet mail and groupware ( like calendering etc )

Show me working case. i would like to see it :)

Still - it have nothing to Dovecot and Dovecot, no matter how great would 
be, will not improve it.

"Tweaks" can overcome some bugs or deficiences but not whole product.

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