[Dovecot] Outlook 2010 very slow when using IMAP - are there any tweaks?

J E Lyon role.Dovecot-Readers at jlassocs.com
Tue Jul 3 15:21:01 EEST 2012

On 3 Jul 2012, at 13:11, Kaya Saman wrote:

> It is Maildir I am using, checked permissions - they're all ok. Yeah
> would be cur.... When connecting to this, do I need to put something
> like Inbox or INBOX as the mail root folder?
> I remember historically one needed to do that, however, with TBird one
> doens't need to any more though you still can.....

I'm sure the INBOX directory is created automatically for me, but I do have a script that sets up directories, permissions and I've taken care of SELinux issues in the past . . might be a red herring, was just mindful of the mention of INBOX -- does it work if you copy to another folder, or try to create a folder?

> Now to just get the Deleted Items working!

Ah well, I joined the list originally because of a query about the Deleted Items . . On Outlook pre-2010, that was a major headache, there's a plugin but it's one of only ?two not bundled by default with Dovecot (CentOS servers here, so using the default RPMs from there) . . 

I thought it was supposed to be better-behaved in 2010 thought . . . .


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