[Dovecot] Howto add another disk storage

J E Lyon role.Dovecot-Readers at JLAssocs.com
Thu Jul 5 00:25:39 EEST 2012

On 4 Jul 2012, at 22:09, Adrian Minta wrote:

> On 07/04/12 23:22, J E Lyon wrote:
>> On 4 Jul 2012, at 21:01, Adrian Minta wrote:
>>> What is the best strategy to add another storage to an existing virtual mail system ?
>>> Move some domains to the new storage and create symlinks ?
>>> Switch to dovecot hashing ? But in this case what is the easy-east way to migrate ?
>>> Thanks for any suggestions or tips !
>> Are you using Volume Management (VLM) on the system, or do you have regular partitions mounted? Is there any RAID or other factors to consider . . in fact, a few details about your system might help :)
>> ~ James.
> No LVM and the RAID is done in the SAN appliance.
> My gut tells me that formatting a single huge 25TB partition is not the best way to go. That's why I consider having two different LUN's on two different SAN's mounted together as two directories. A fsck and a recovery will work faster.
> The only issue is distributing maildirs. across the two file systems.

LVM would help with all the above -- sounds like it's not an option though.

I have seen recommendations for Maildir structures whereby the first letter of the user account is one of 26 (or however many) directories, and the accounts therefore fall into one of several different directories -- you can distribute the letters of the alphabet directories across the two filesystems . . 

Have you seen the configuration examples that use parameters to specify the Maildir locations based on the account name etc.?

~ James.

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