[Dovecot] outlook and redirect sieve

Lazy lazy404 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 18:00:13 EEST 2012

2012/7/16 Lazy <lazy404 at gmail.com>:
> Hi Aall,
> we are having issues with outlook clients, running exchange or lotus
> being unable to parse the email messages redirected by
> dovecot's sieve 0.3.1, the command is plain redirect "email at lotusmail.xxx";
> redirects from mta also work correctly
> exchange was fixed by removing this commit
> http://hg.rename-it.nl/dovecot-2.1-pigeonhole/raw-diff/082216ad12d6/src/lib-sieve/cmd-redirect.c
> are there any other modifications to the email body or headers that
> can make those mesages not parsable for outlook ?
> looking at http://hg.rename-it.nl/dovecot-2.1-pigeonhole/raw-diff/082216ad12d6/src/lib-sieve/cmd-redirect.c
> maybe removing HEADER_FILTER_NO_CR fromi_stream_create_header_filter()
> will make redirected messages more in tact ?
> what can I do to make redirect more verbatim ?
> Thanks in advance for any information.

i have got it

     if ( recipient != NULL )
"X-Sieve-Redirected-From", recipient);

was adding crlf in the headers, and it made whole email inconsistent
(when I have removed crlf filter before)

Michal Grzedzicki

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