[Dovecot] outlook and redirect sieve

Lazy lazy404 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 16:40:04 EEST 2012

Hi Aall,

we are having issues with outlook clients, running exchange or lotus
being unable to parse the email messages redirected by

dovecot's sieve 0.3.1, the command is plain redirect "email at lotusmail.xxx";
redirects from mta also work correctly

exchange was fixed by removing this commit

are there any other modifications to the email body or headers that
can make those mesages not parsable for outlook ?

looking at http://hg.rename-it.nl/dovecot-2.1-pigeonhole/raw-diff/082216ad12d6/src/lib-sieve/cmd-redirect.c

maybe removing HEADER_FILTER_NO_CR fromi_stream_create_header_filter()
will make redirected messages more in tact ?

what can I do to make redirect more verbatim ?

Thanks in advance for any information.

Michal Grzedzicki

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