[Dovecot] Auto logging-out client

Nicolás nicolas at devels.es
Fri Jul 27 14:53:16 EEST 2012

El 26/07/2012 15:22, lists-dovecot escribió:
> ------------ Original Message ------------
>> Date: Thursday, July 26, 2012 02:58:12 PM +0100
>> From: Nicolás <nicolas at devels.es>
>> To: dovecot at dovecot.org
>> Subject: [Dovecot] Auto logging-out client
>> Hi list!
>> I'm writing because of an issue I'm having with my Postfix-Dovecot
>> installation. Everything's working fine but when an IMAP client is
>> idle for some time, Dovecot automatically logs it out.
>> Jul 26 14:01:16 mail dovecot: imap(nicolas at devels.es):
>> Disconnected: Logged out bytes=1271/7439
>> This entails errors when trying to send e-mails after this auto
>> logout, such as:
>> host devels.es[] said:
>>       550-Please turn on SMTP Authentication in your mail client,
>> or login to the
>>       550-IMAP/POP3 server before sending your message.
>> Which result in a very annoying and continuous proccess of
>> restarting my mail client.
>> Is there a way to avoid this auto-logout, or at least configure
>> the time after I want idle clients to auto-logout?
>> Thank you very much!
>> Nicolás
> I would suggest that you configure the smtp submission port facility
> on your mail server and set your imap/pop clients to send that way.
> The "pop before sending" approach is a fairly old and broken hack
> (including submitting via port 25, which is frequently blocked by
> connectivity providers).
> With sendmail the submission port option is basically configured by
> default. I don't know about postfix, but I suspect it is there too.
>     - Richard

Thanks for your responses!

I just tried configuring the submission port on postfix but the problem 
persists even sending by port 587.

About what Harald said, I guess I initially missed the point of the 
problem, it was just my conclusion because that error happens always 
after the logout message appears, and SMTP authentication is set on my 
client, so I deduced the problem had something to do with the logout 
thing. The curious thing is it just happens with SMTP, not with 
POP3/IMAP protocols.

Thanks again!


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