[Dovecot] Dovecot v2 shared mailboxes , a . separator and complete emailaddress as username.

Hans de Groot hansg at dandy.nl
Fri Jul 6 16:09:28 EEST 2012


I've been trying to get shared mailboxes to work and got stuck.

I tried lots of examples made the shared dict but the shared mail boxes never showed up.

I am using the . separator and I think this the problem.

I changed it to a / separator and now I could see my shared mailboxes.

Checking the maillog in debug mode I saw a few failed login attempts between the succesful logins.

The weird thing is that the username was changed, instead of hansg at debushalte.nl the login was hansg at debushalte without the .nl part and that user is not in my database.

So I suspect that dovecot splits the shared path based

hansg at debushalte.nl shares mailboxes with dean at debushalte.nl below a few lines from the log:

Debug: Namespace : type=shared, prefix=INBOX.shared.%u., sep=., inbox=no, hidden=no, list=yes, subscriptions=no location=maildir:%h/mail:INDEX=/mail/debushalte.nl/dean/mail/shared.%u
Debug: shared: Tried to access mails of nonexistent user hansg at debushalte
Debug: Namespace INBOX.shared.hansg at debushalte.: Creating storage despite: Root mail directory doesn't exist

Is there a work arround for this? I really like to keep using '.' as a seperator so I do not have to change all the existing mailboxes.

If I do rename and move all existing mailboxes the '/' separator way and of course change the separator in the namespaces would my users notice this? (ie would they have to change something in their mail clients?)



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