[Dovecot] maildir_copy_with_hardlinks on v.2.0.19

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Sun Jul 22 14:59:48 EEST 2012


I'm trying to get the so-called "single instance store" (I think cyrus
has got the name for the first time) with dovecot --version = 2.0.19
binary package installed from ubuntu 12.04 lts official repo.

I have checked that "maildir_copy_with_hardlinks" is enabled ("dovecot
-a|grep hard" shows "yes") then I have installed and enabled the lmtp
component of dovecot. The configuration "dovecot -n" is pasted here:

Also in the same paste is a strace against dovecot and childrent
showing evidence of the MTA delivering a single copy of the message
via LMTP with multiple RCPT TO: headers.

However when looking in the Maildir, I see the mail break down into
three separate files instead of expected hardlinked files ("stat" and
"ls" shows one single link count, inodes are different)

Given the above data, what (am I | dovecot is) doing wrong?

Please cc me if you need additional input when replying as I'm not
subscribed to the list (I'll watch the thread online only)
Many thanks in advance.

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