[Dovecot] Can we know when a user read our email?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu Jun 7 15:36:58 EEST 2012

Am 06.06.2012 23:59, schrieb Ed W:
> I'm not sure why this is so hard to believe.  There is literally a class of customers that have a specification
> which says that there must be a notification sent back to the sender whenever they download their emails.  I cannot
> currently bid for their business.
> A spec is a spec - either you can meet the spec or you can't bid for the business...

i'm not sure why it is so hard to believe that nobody should
bid for such idiotic specs - techs should act professional
and not like whores while try impossible and stupid things
which can sovle each mail-client since > 10 years and is not
the job of a mailserver

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