[Dovecot] Deliver quota-warning via director

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun Jun 10 00:10:23 EEST 2012

On 9.6.2012, at 22.11, Daniel Parthey wrote:

> But it seems that lda delivers the mail directly to
> the local filesystem and is not using our lmtp director,
> which prevents NFS mailboxes from getting corrupted.
> Is there a way to tell lda to use LMTP or the director
> and ignore the quota while delivering the notification?

That's a bit tricky problem. Even if LDA used LMTP, it couldn't ignore quota since LMTP server is the one enforcing it. Perhaps you need to create two LMTP ports, one with a "quota ignored" configuration. Then you need to somehow get the mail delivered there (maybe send it to your MTA and route it from there). Or write a script that sends the mail directly to the LMTP port on director.

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