[Dovecot] Director problems

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun Jun 10 00:17:14 EEST 2012

On 6.6.2012, at 16.01, Joseba Torre wrote:

> I've just setup a testing enviroment for director, and it's not working as expected. I have just 1 director (called director) and 2 dovecot servers (dovecot1 and dovecot2); these are exact copies.
> First problem: when both dovecot servers are up, every imap connection is redirected to the same server as you can see here:
> $ sudo doveadm director map
> user                                          mail server ip expire time 
> <unknown>                             2012-06-06 13:34:12
> <unknown>                             2012-06-06 13:34:27
> <unknown>                             2012-06-06 13:34:34
> (I don't know if that <unknown> is good or not)
> I've tried with 3 different users and ips to no change, users are always directed to the same host.

Perhaps you just managed to use such usernames that map to the same director.. You can try with "doveadm director status <user>" to see where they should go.

> Second problem: if I try to add/remove/modify one of the dovecot servers, the output of doveadm director map/status seems to be ok, but any new user connection fails with this log:
> Jun  6 14:51:59 director dovecot: director: Warning: Delaying new user requests until ring is synced

Looks like there's a bug when only one director is used. I'll try and fix it later..

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