[Dovecot] Director problems

Joseba Torre joseba.torre at ehu.es
Mon Jun 11 13:43:03 EEST 2012

El 09/06/12 23:17, Timo Sirainen escribió:
> On 6.6.2012, at 16.01, Joseba Torre wrote:
>> I've just setup a testing enviroment for director, and it's not working as expected. I have just 1 director (called director) and 2 dovecot servers (dovecot1 and dovecot2); these are exact copies.
>> First problem: when both dovecot servers are up, every imap connection is redirected to the same server as you can see here:
>> $ sudo doveadm director map
>> user                                          mail server ip expire time
>> <unknown>                              2012-06-06 13:34:12
>> <unknown>                              2012-06-06 13:34:27
>> <unknown>                              2012-06-06 13:34:34
>> (I don't know if that<unknown>  is good or not)
>> I've tried with 3 different users and ips to no change, users are always directed to the same host.
> Perhaps you just managed to use such usernames that map to the same director.. You can try with "doveadm director status<user>" to see where they should go.

I was thinking that users where sent to one server or another in a more 
or less random way. As always, your guess was right, test[1-4] are all 
sent to the same server, but for example jorge is sent to the other one.
>> Second problem: if I try to add/remove/modify one of the dovecot servers, the output of doveadm director map/status seems to be ok, but any new user connection fails with this log:
>> Jun  6 14:51:59 director dovecot: director: Warning: Delaying new user requests until ring is synced
> Looks like there's a bug when only one director is used. I'll try and fix it later..

Thanks a lot for your support

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