[Dovecot] Frequently login problem

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Jun 11 14:48:33 EEST 2012

On 4.6.2012, at 13.20, Jitendra Bhaskar wrote:

> I am using dovecot 2.1.3 on centos 5.7. It was working fine but last few
> days I need to restart or reload dovecot service because at that time users
> are not able to login.
> Each time I am getting information from doveco.log is as :
> Jun 04 11:52:54 auth: Error: BUG: Authentication client gave a PID 17564 of
> existing connection

This happens before restart, not during it? doveconf -n output? Are you using Dovecot auth for anything external, like Postfix/Exim?

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