[Dovecot] Vacation stopped working

Jacek Osiecki joshua at hybrid.pl
Mon Jun 4 14:44:11 EEST 2012


I'm sure that it WAS working, but I can't guarantee...

On a system with dovecot 2.0.16 and dovecot-pigeonhole-2.0_0.2.5.
Today a user reported that vacation autoreponse did not work for him.
As I have checked the dovecot logs, I see such a message:

Jun 04 13:39:51 lmtp(9986, user at xxx.com): Info: 
ZumtCleezE8CJwAAA1GDYg: sieve: 
msgid=<alpine.LNX.2.00.1206041336520.11397 at pingwin.sc>: discarding 
vacation response for implicitly delivered message; no known (envelope) 
recipient address found in message headers 
(recipient=<user at xxx.com>, and additional `:addresses' are 

Any idea what actually went wrong? I was browsing for this error message, 
but found only dovecot sources :(

Jacek Osiecki joshua at ceti.pl GG:3828944
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