[Dovecot] Sieve stopped working

Daniel Parthey daniel.parthey at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Fri Jun 15 03:46:16 EEST 2012

Hi Ben,

Ben Versang wrote:
> Sieve has stopped working and I have spent hours and been unable so far to get it up and running again.
> netstat -a |grep 2000 returns
> returns nothing
> telnet localhost 2000
> Trying
> telnet: connect to address Connection refused
> telnet: Unable to connect to remote host
> The rest of mail functions are working fine (IMAP, SMTP...).

Did you have a look at the wiki article?

The Pigeonhole ManageSieve service now binds to TCP port 4190 by default due to
the IANA port assignment for the ManageSieve service. Maybe you're looking at
the wrong port.

Please attach the output of doveconf -n


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