[Dovecot] started with dovecot sieve

Daniel Parthey daniel.parthey at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Wed Jun 27 00:47:39 EEST 2012

Rolf wrote:
> Jun 25 20:22:54 rolf14 dovecot: lda(rolf): Error: setegid(privileged) failed: Operation not permitted

Manual page "man 2 setegid" states that

  setegid()  sets the effective group ID of the calling process.  Unprivi-
  leged user processes may only set the effective group  ID  to  the  real
  group ID, the effective group ID or the saved set-group-ID.

Your "postfix" user is a member of group "mail", but "mail" which you
configured as "mail_privileged_group = vmail" is neither the primary
group of user "postfix", nor is it the effective group id of the
calling postfix process.

Therefore you might get the error as documented in the manpage setegid(2):

  The calling process is not privileged (Linux: does not have  the
  CAP_SETUID  capability in the case of seteuid(), or the CAP_SET-
  GID capability in the case of setegid()) and euid (respectively,
  egid)  is  not  the  real  user  (group)  ID, the effective user
  (group) ID, or the saved set-user-ID (saved set-group-ID).


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