[Dovecot] INBOX help needed, dovecot + squirrelmail

Jeff Lacki jeep at rahul.net
Tue Jun 5 05:33:19 EEST 2012

Im trying to figure out how to get dovecot to deliver to
my mail_location (example: /opt/imapdata/j/jeff/INBOX/inbox)
AND work with squirrelmail.  Ive worked on this for hours
reading the docs etc with no luck so far.

I get dovecot-lda to deliver to:

but when I use squirrelmail, I see the following in the log:

dovecot: imap(jeff): Debug: Effective uid=1006, gid=999, home=/opt/imapdata/j/jeff/INBOX/inbox
dovecot: imap(jeff): Error: chdir(/opt/imapdata/j/jeff/INBOX/inbox) failed: Not a directory
dovecot: imap(jeff): Debug: Namespace : type=private, prefix=INBOX/, sep=/, inbox=yes, hidden=no, list=yes, subscriptions=yes location=maildir:/opt/imapdata/j/jeff:INBOX=/opt/imapdata/j/jeff/INBOX:LAYOUT=fs:DIRNAME=mmDIR:INDEX=~/indexes

It complains that 'inbox' isnt a directory, but I want it to use:

What parameter do I need to tweak to get this to work?
Ive tried the 'folder options' in squirrelmail but that doesnt appear
to have any effect here (or at least at this point in my testing).

It seems that the only parameter to tweak is 'mail_location' which Im
having no luck getting to work correctly.  Also namespace may play a part
but every combination Ive tried does not result in getting it work thus far.

On a sidenote when I send more than 1 email, it doesnt seem to honor 'maildir',
it seems its doing 'mbox' instead?  I get one flat file.
Im lost and confused.

my variables:

mail_location = maildir:/opt/imapdata/%1n/%n:INBOX=/opt/imapdata/%1n/%n:LAYOUT=fs:DIRNAME=mmDIR:INDEX=~/indexes

namespace {
  type = private
  separator = /
  prefix = INBOX/
  inbox = yes

Your help is appreciated!


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