[Dovecot] doveadm proxy kick in director setups

Tom Pawlowski tompru at jla.rutgers.edu
Thu Jun 21 17:48:29 EEST 2012

Something I noticed on a 2.1.7 director test cluster (two directors,
three backends): 'doveadm proxy kick user' will kick all connections
for that user on that director only. Any additional connections on other
directors will remain active unless the command is run on all directors.

Are the proxy and director sub-commands intended to be separate and
distinct in their operation? If so, then this makes sense, as a proxy
isn't necessarily a director.

Are there any plans for a proxy kick equivalent that would work
across directors? 

 Tom Pawlowski
 OIT-CSS System Administrator           office: Hill 145
 email: tompru at jla.rutgers.edu          phone:  (732) 445-2634

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