[Dovecot] Sieve - BCC

iliusha admin at iliusha.md
Sun Apr 21 18:07:14 EEST 2013

Stephan Bosch-2 wrote
> On 4/21/2013 3:10 PM, iliusha wrote:
>>> The whole point of Bcc is that the sending SMTP server removes the
>>> header
>> before the mail is sent
> Do you see anything strange in the logs?
> You could try the following Sieve script to get a bit more information 
> (perhaps I should make a normal debug log line for this).
> require "vnd.dovecot.debug";
> require "envelope";
> require "variables";
> # Get envelope
> if envelope :matches "to" "*" { set "env_to" "${1}";  }
> debug_log "ENVELOPE_TO: ${env_to}";
> You need to enable the vnd.dovecot.debug extension in your 
> sieve_extensions= setting.
> The debug line will be logged in the user log (e.g. ~/.dovecot.sieve.log)
> Regards,
> Stephan.

Enabling debug i found where was my mistake, so
i use Virtual list: test at example.com -> user at example.com.
and when i sent email to test at example.com it automatically goes to
user at example.com, but in email headers i saw Envelope To: test at example.com,
and I thought that sieve also sees Envelope to: test at example.com, but it is
not right. (It is my first experience with sieve, i am new in this.)

main_script: line 17: info: DEBUG: ENVELOPE_TO: *user at example.com*.
info: msgid=<010301ce3e9e$642ed9f0$2c8c8dd0$@gmail.com>: stored mail into
mailbox 'INBOX'

Anyway, i'm happy that i found the solution using this forum, otherwise i
did not believe that it is possible.
Thank You.

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