[Dovecot] new user questions

Gene Heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Sat Jul 13 20:56:30 EEST 2013


Trying to follow along with the wiki2 setup instructions and thought I'd 
hit a snag with the first "send me a mail" snippet as it took several 
minutes to arrive, so I assume that somehow procmail was involved in the 
delivery and my procmail runs mail thought a whole bunch of checks before 
finally handing it off to a mailfile as /var/mail/gene.

Then the next script seems to only try whats in my home dir, and of course 
doesn't find it as neither exists, yet...

I assume that is because dovecot needs a kill -HUP.  But I am not familiar 
with that, so how is it done, and as what user, me, or root, on a ubuntu 
12.04.2 LTS install?


Cheers, Gene
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