[Dovecot] courier to dovecot

Eugene genie at geniechka.ru
Tue Jul 16 10:29:37 EEST 2013


Yes, I did that some years ago. Just create a working Dovecot installation 
and then copy the Maildirs (with correct permissions/owners etc). They 
probably have some additional housekeeping files from Courier, I believe 
Dovecot even can use some of them, but anyway they do no harm.

Best wishes

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Hi, All,

I am new here and I need your advises. Here is my story:

I have a mail server like this:
- CentOS 5  32 bit (LAMP)
- Postfix 2.3
- Courier
- MailScanner
Courier use maildir to save emails in /home/vmail/<virtual domain>/<user> /

Now I want to build a new system on CentOS 6.4 64bit with postfix,
dovecot and migrate all user accounts and their emails.

I already installed CentOS 6.4, postfix and mysql. Also just installed
Dovecot v2.2.4 from the RPM. Now I am looking into how to
Is there a good instruction on how to do this kind of migration?

I still prefer using the maildir system.  If I just copy all users email
from old server to new dovecot user maildir, will dovecot see these
mails (and sub-folders) ? Do I need do anything extra?

Thanks in advance.



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