[Dovecot] Archiving mail

Koenraad Lelong dovecot at ace-electronics.be
Thu Jul 18 15:14:02 EEST 2013


I'm going to migrate my company-mailserver to new hardware. I would like 
to take the opportunity to archive some older mail. But I would like to 
have it still accessible, would this be possible with dovecot ?
I mean, I would like to put that older mail from different users (I got 
about 50 users) on some read-only media but mount that media in the 
users mail-dirs. That way I will have less to backup after I backup that 
old mail and store it safely away.
I can't convince my users to really clean up their mailboxes, so I 
backup more than 100GB mail while the total backup is a bit more than 300GB.

Writing this I realise I could give each user a folder oldmail and 
symlink that to a read-only oldmail folder. Would this work ?
I will have to find out how my backup-software can ignore the 

Thanks for any suggestions,

Koenraad Lelong

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