[Dovecot] Sieve info

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Wed Jul 24 11:16:13 EEST 2013

Am 24.07.2013 10:07, schrieb Simon B:
> On 24 Jul 2013 09:44, "Reindl Harald" wrote:
>> Am 24.07.2013 09:21, schrieb Stan Hoeppner:
>> > Reindl, keep this kind of crap off the list.  It benefits nobody here
>> > and simply wastes resources.  Either send it off list, or better yet,
>> > don't sent it at all. You got yourself booted from Postfix-users for
>> > this type of behavior
>> no - i got removed because *of you* and your message below
>> which resulted in undersatndable anger
> Really Reindl, I find myself unable to support you in any of the salient points you make because of your attitude
> and anger management issues.  If the calm, rational email below resulted in understandable anger then you have
> issues best not dealt with in a public forum.

ah and "Normally I'd avoid arguing with your Reindl as it simply clutters the list" is
a good  attitude followed by technical nonsense?

>> When did you last come across a domain configured strictly for fallback
>> to A?  While RFC may require it, and some used it in the 70s and 80s, no
>> receivers rely on fallback to A in 2013

is wrong, i came across such domains 2011 and not in the 70s and 80s

> Anyone versed sufficiently in SMTP to know of the existence of fallback
> to A isn't going to rely on it - They'll have proper MX records

is nice, but in the real world there are *way to much*  not versed admins
proven daily on several mailings-lists where you face admins never should
have connected a server to the internet as well as you do not need a
MX record at all if your incoming mailserver is on the A-Record

the MX-Record is for the cases where on http://your-domain/ is a website
while the same machine is not your incoming mailserver

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