[Dovecot] Sieve info

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Wed Jul 24 16:32:57 EEST 2013

Am 24.07.2013 14:29, schrieb Noel Butler:
> dnsbl - yes, his IP range is now listed in two lists.
> insisted to one dnsbl that they should list the dovecot mailing list
> server IP's not his, why? because the list server directly sent his
> abuse, not his mail server direct to, not only mine, but others :)

you do not understand the problem

i never said you should blacklist any mailing-list-server

i only said that it is pretty dumb to block a /24 network on a
DNSBL because one user from one of the IP's is disliked by you

with this brain-dead logic you would need to block also all
google-ranges if you dislike a single person with a
gmail-address but for *that* you are too faint-hearted

serious people can decide by theirself what the want or want
not to read and do not need to misuse their position of
controlling a RBL

> Ahhh if only he was not dev nulled, I would likely have another abusive
> email from him jumping up and down claiming yet again he is the innocent
> victim, yes, we are all wrong....

the problem is that you can not read anything i write directly
because your /dev/nulling, so in the worst case you see only
stripped answers of some nitpickers and

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