[Dovecot] Trash plugin

Jason Pfingstmann jason at pfingstmann.com
Mon Jun 17 04:35:11 EEST 2013

Hello all!  I tried to post this earlier today, but it's stuck in a
moderator queue for being too long, so here's a shorter version (mod,
please delete the pending message from me, if you read this).

I'm new to dovecot and just finished setting everything up.  It's a postfix
+ dovecot + myql + spamassassin + postgrey virtual mail server.  The issue
I'm having (1 of 2) is that the Trash plugin isn't working, over-quota mail
is being rejected despite a large piece that would bring it under quota
with room to spare for the piece being delivered that is in the Trash

My configs (postconf -n, doveconf -n, trash.conf):

It may be unrelated, but it seems postgrey isn't running either, but maybe
those are partially tied together?

Thanks for all your help!

Jason Pfingstmann

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