[Dovecot] Help installing Dovecot 1.0 on Debian 6.0.7

Hans Spaans hans at dailystuff.nl
Wed Jun 26 13:18:04 EEST 2013

Roshan Dawrani schreef op di 25-06-2013 om 15:03 [+0530]:
> Hi,
> Could someone please let me know if I can get the pre-built binaries for
> Dovecot 1.0 for Debian 6.0?
> If I do "apt-get install dovecot...", I am getting Dovecot v1.2.5
> installed, but it doesn't like the existing Dovecot 1.0 configuration I
> have, and due to some urgency, I am trying to avoid migrating the
> configuration to the new structure / requirements.
> Regards,
> Roshan

I suspect you mean this one[1], but you can get all by Debian published
versions at snapshot.debian.org. But then again 1.0 was never shipped[2]
with Debian 6.0 and neither was version 1.2.5. You're sure you're not
mixing Debian with Ubuntu LTS?


[1] http://snapshot.debian.org/package/dovecot/1%3A1.0.0-1/
[2] http://qa.debian.org/madison.php?package=dovecot&table=all&a=&c=&s=#

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