[Dovecot] Plus addressing

Luuk dovecot at vosslamber.nl
Fri Sep 6 22:09:44 EEST 2013

On 06-09-2013 20:22, Charles Marcus wrote:
> On 2013-09-06 1:26 PM, Luuk at dovecot <dovecot at vosslamber.nl> wrote:
>> On 06-09-2013 16:56, LuKreme wrote:
>>> It appease that I  can enable +address filtering into separate
>>> mailboxes by simply setting
>>> $recipient_delimiter = '+';
>>> However, is there anyway to get great control over that?
>>> For example, on one account I have a lot of +addresses I use. A few,
>>> I sort into mailboxes (like my bank, credit cards, etc). The rest are
>>> either on the “spammer => /dev/null” list or get sorted into a
>>> mailbox named “Misc” (like various newsletters and offers and sales
>>> from companies I do business with).
>> procmail ?
> No way, not with dovecot - use sieve...
> the only reason to even remotely consider procmial is if you had a huge
> investment in procmail rules.
> Procmail is ancient, unmaintained crap-crud... ;)

but i need time, and some good docs to get to know sieve.....
(hints are welcome)

the short time that i had so far only revealed that it seems to be more 
complex than the simple procmail things i use ;)

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