[Dovecot] Plus addressing

Oscar del Rio delrio at mie.utoronto.ca
Fri Sep 6 23:05:37 EEST 2013

On 09/ 6/13 03:41 PM, Larry Stone wrote:
> I've looked at Sieve but from what I've read, it's not as capable as 
> Procmail. One thing I do with Procmail that I've yet to see as 
> possible with Sieve is for messages from a particular sender, scan the 
> contents for certain key phrases and if there, send an email to 
> another external address (the email address for sending text messages 
> to my phone) with content extracted from the original message (no, not 
> a simple forward due to the SMS character limit).
> If Sieve is capable of the above, I'd appreciate a pointer to 
> appropriate documentation.

I guess the sieve extprograms extension should be able to do anything 
that can be scripted.

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