[Dovecot] Basic clustered filesystem advice

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Wed Sep 18 21:35:04 EEST 2013

On 9/18/13 11:20 AM, Tim Groeneveld wrote:
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>> On 9/17/13 3:23 PM, Andreas Gaiser wrote:
>>> Does anybody know about GlusterFS & Dovecot?
>>>> Time marches on, and I need to continue the service migration. I'd
>>>> still
>>>> like to use Dovecot (we're migrating away from Cyrus).  I'm
>>>> assuming the
>>>> only other alternative without existing shared storage is to use
>>>> DRBD
>>>> and a cluster file system to provide the replication, and to
>>>> ensure
>>>> Director is enabled.  Are there any things to watch for
>>>> surrounding
>>>> this?
> I still want my dream of the perfect mail storage engine in
> dovecot to one day to be true.
> This magical mailbox format & storage engine would allow
> storing emails in different geographical locations. There
> would be an attempt to ensure that mail is always closest
> to the user (ie, the mail server that the user connects
> to retrieve email from).
> Then you could define how many copies of each user's mail
> would be stored on a per-user basis, but those copies could
> be stored on any storage server, but not more then x times
> per network location.
> Unfortunately, this mystical engine does not sound like
> it is going to be built in the next handful of years at
> least.
> A man can dream.
> Regards,
> Tim
Tim, I too have had this dream but it feels very much like people just 
don't care about Geo-distributed messaging at scale.  Since Dovecot now 
supports storing messages in s3 compatible storage (using obox) I was 
thinking about extending an object storage app I developed using node.js 
on top of Cassandra to implement the s3 API and see if that could breath 
some life into this concept.  When time permits I suppose.

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